Welcome to the website of Harari Chocron Dental Centre.

Welcome to Harari Chocron Dental Center. Our mission is to provide the highest quality dentistry for our patients and their families. To build a happy and long term personal relationship with each of our patients is crucial. Our dental office provides a personalized, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere that starts with our loving staff. 

The famous expression “health starts in the mouth” is very true. Dental problems can bring about many diverse health problems, like stomach pain, insomnia, indigestion, and a host of infections. For these reasons, paying regular visits to the dentist is fundamental, even when everything seems fine. Our number one goal is to make your life healthier whilst utilizing our friendly, caring, committed staff to provide the most the most up to date techniques and equipment.

Through more than ten years of caring for our patients and their families, the Dr. Renato Harari and Dr Samuel Chocronh dental office provides a combination of easily accessible, quality dental services to the downtown Toronto area, offering treatment and prevention while accompanying patients throughout the entire process.

Our team of trained professionals specializes in the most cutting-edge methods of serving our patients; offering comfort and peace of mind while providing the most convenient forms of payment for our diverse services.

Our services include:
General dentistry, orthodontics, periodontic and cosmetic treatments, teeth whitening, and dental implants, as well as the treatment of bad breath , setting us apart from other clinics around Toronto. 

Thank you for letting us take care of your dental needs and we look forward to seeing you soon.