Our Team

Harari Chocron Dental Centre aims to provide individuals with a comfortable and relaxing environment where we strive to exceed your expectations through professional results and our friendly staff.

Dr. Renato Harari (22 Years of Experience)

Dr. Renato Harari was born in Brazil, where he earned his degree from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro’s School of Dentistry in 1987.

After three years of working in Brazil, Harari decided to move to Toronto with the intention of increasing his expertise and providing his services to the both the Brazilian and larger Canadian communties.

Once in Canada, Dr. Harari sought the formal certification of his foreign dental training through the four-part examination process offered by the National Dental Examining Board of Canada, the organization responsible for establishing and maintaining the qualifications of dentists.

Harari soon received his certification and, in 1993, he formed partnerships with other dentists and offered his services in both Toronto and Mississauga before deciding to focus solely on Toronto.

Dr. Samuel Chocron 

Dr. Samuel Chocron was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1963. He began his studies at the Central University of Venezuela’s School of Dentistry in 1983, graduating four years later in 1987.

Upon graduation, Dr. Chocron started his own dental practice, before deciding to move to Canada in 2002.

With certification as his primary focus, Chocron returned to school – this time to Western University in Ontario – to validate his diploma in Canada, which he succeeded in doing in 2007.

Regina Pereira (Receptionist)

Vera Medawi (Financial Officer)

Suzana Martins (Assistant)

Marcia Oliveira (Assistant)

Nancie (Registered Dental Hygienist)